Estoy tratando en ingles

estoy tratando

Estos enunciados provienen de fuentes externas y pueden ser poco precisos. EN dealing. EN to deal with. EN to address to try to look after to cover to discuss to doctor to handle to process to tackle to treat of to treat.

We are dealing with countries that are undergoing a process of transformation. We are dealing with refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons. This proposal should also dealas appropriate, with electrical devices. That is not the appropriate place either to deal with questions of reimbursement.

It would have been a duplication to address them here in our specific actions. The Commission has indicated that it would be happy to address this matter. We must be frank in sharing this and try to engage in constructive consultation.

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Mr President, I would like to try to put a different perspective to this. So, when it comes to the issues of liberty, the EU cannot even sort out fishing or look after our farmers. But it is the responsibility of Belgium to look after their policemen's behaviour when they send a person out of the country. I think we have covered everything we wanted to cover before launching into the vote.

The second point that I want to cover is the basic problem of humanity in this world. Very few employers will be openly willing to discuss discrimination. We can discuss that in the dialogue under the association agreement.

Your doctor or physiotherapist will use a round-headed wand or probe on the skin of the painful area. We would not want to be treated by a drunken doctor and I do not believe that we should be treated by an over-tired doctor.

The EU is neither designed nor equipped to handle such matters from a military standpoint. People need to handle the animals in such a way that the animals sense they are being treated properly. Globalisation is inevitable, and it is a necessary, not to say indispensable, process.

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Scientists must process this data and pass it on to the relevant political decision-making authorities. This is the way to tackle this issue properly and successfully. The report neglects to tackle some of the difficult points, however.

There is no widely accepted medication to treat claudication. The present practice is to treat the patient with antibiotics for three days. Spanish Estamos tratando de un instrumento financiero, pero que tiene objetivos sociales.

Spanish Estamos tratando un tema que refleja las expectativas de los ciudadanos europeos. Spanish no te estoy tratando de imponer nada, solo te estoy advirtiendo de un posible peligro.

Spanish En este caso no estamos tratando conceptos abstractos, sino cosas muy reales. Spanish tratando de establecer con ellos relaciones de confianza y de respeto mutuo.DeepL Traductor Linguee.

estoy tratando en ingles

Open menu. They are seeking to ge t i n contact w ith th e Nat io nal Foundation [ S e esta tratando de contactar a lo s Sacerdotes [ W e are trying to contact the Prie st s who are [ Estamos tratando de contactar o t ra s instituciones [ W e are trying to contact ot her priv at e institutions [ Policyholders tryi ng t o contact t heir ins ur ance company [ W hy is the loca l o ff ice s til l trying to contact hi m?

El apoyo de Buenos Aires al.

Cómo se dice "tratando" en inglés

This i llustrates o nce again the importance of individuals taking action [ Th e Membe r State c oncerned ca n t hen contact the s pe ci fied contact pers on. In orde r to o verc om e this c ha llen ge, the ES tried to contact exi stin g networks [ Estoy tratando d e a segurar de que [ I 'm trying to ma k e sure s he gets [ After all the vast time and geographical expanses I've.

N o estoy tratando d e d oblegar las reglas, sino de ajustarlas. I am not trying t o bend the rules, I am trying to ma ke them fit. Estoy tratando d e e scribir lo [ I am t rying to wri te what could [ De ninguna ma ne r a estoy tratando d e r estar importancia [ Now I lost my job an d am s til l trying t o find out how I will be able to pay this year," she added.

Junto con trabajar con ustedes para conseguir apoyo.

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Por mi pa rt eestoy tratando d e e stablecer [ S o I'm trying to se t up and promote youth [ For years no w I have be en trying to sa ve th at river. Estoy tratando e s to y aquello, [ W h at I am trying t o emp ha size here is the pastoral character [ I am trying to brea st feed, but I stopped lactat in g as I am we ak a nd underfed," [ Au nq u e estoy tratando d e d istinguir, dentro [ A lth oug h I am trying t o isol ate, i nside [I'm studying.

Una frase es un grupo de palabras que a menudo aparecen juntas p. I'm studying at the moment, but we can meet later if you want. I'm learning the French verbs this quarter, and the truth is I find them quite difficult. Se trata de un curso organizado por el ayuntamiento. I'm doing a course in photography that's been organized by the city council. I'm doing a degree in universidad Estoy estudiando medicina en la Universidad de Salamanca. I'm doing a degree in medicine at the University of Salamanca.

I want to open my own business, and I'm studying my chances of getting a loan. I'm examining your proposal, and will give you an answer as soon as possible. I'm studying I am studying Oh, no estoy estudiando nada en particular Oh, I'm not studying anything in particular I'm merely studying the case like you. No es tan genial, siempre estoy estudiando. It's not all that great, always studying. Well, I'm actually studying for my MBA. I'm just studying unless you're an expert in wave mechanics.

Quitar anuncios. View in English on SpanishDict.Resultados: Exactos: Tiempo de respuesta: ms. All rights reserved. Historial Favoritos. Reverso para Windows Es gratis Descargue nuestra app gratis. Sugerencias: estoy tratando de decir. Ver ejemplos que contengan am I trying 44 ejemplos coincidentes.

Ver ejemplos que contengan I'm working 41 ejemplos coincidentes. Y estoy tratando de salvar vidas estadounidenses. And American lives are what I'm trying to save now.

I'm trying to save now.

estoy tratando de

I'm trying to protect him, honey. Tucker, estoy tratando de escuchar. Tucker, I'm trying to hear. Stop talking. I'm trying to hear. Ahora estoy tratando de no matarnos. Right now I'm trying not to kill us.

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I'm trying not to kill us. Sorry, I'm trying to get drunk now. I'm trying to get drunk now. Mira, estoy tratando de encontrarla.

Look, I'm trying to find her.

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I'm trying to find her. Al menos estoy tratando de llegar.I'm I am Y yo estoy intentando ser un buen hombre, para ti. And I'm trying to be a good man, for you. And I'm here on a very important mission, Edith. Y yo estoy jugando el mejor tenis de mi vida. And I'm playing the best tennis of my life. Y desde donde yo estoy sentado, luce un poco ansioso. And from where I'm sitting, he looks a little anxious. Uh, I'm on the other line with my mom. My name is phil coulson, and I'm here to help.

And I am confident that this is the only way. And I'm proud to be part of the Psi Corps. No, yo estoy tratando de conseguir un regalo para mi jefe. No, I'm trying to get a gift for my boss. This is your special day, and I am perfectly fine.

Well, then it's a good thing that I 'm here. Cuando yo estoy con vosotros el tiempo no es suficiente. When I am with you the time is not enough. Solo necesita el dinero, entonces yo estoy en mi camino. Just need the money, then I'm on my way. The only difference is that I'm in love with you. Okay, I'm looking for a copy of a rejected movie.

We are miles away, and I am sitting on empty.Resultados: Exactos: Tiempo de respuesta: ms. All rights reserved. Historial Favoritos. Reverso para Windows Es gratis Descargue nuestra app gratis. Ver ejemplos que contengan I'm trying to make it 6 ejemplos coincidentes. Ver ejemplos que contengan I'm trying to do it 4 ejemplos coincidentes. Ver ejemplos que contengan I am trying to do it 3 ejemplos coincidentes.

Ver ejemplos que contengan I'm trying to make him 2 ejemplos coincidentes. I'm not trying to make it tough. Well, right now, it's confined to this room but I'm trying to take it national. I'm trying to take it national. I'm always trying through music and poetry. Entonces ahora estoy tratando de hacerlo bien. So now I'm just trying to get it right. I'm just trying to get it right.

estoy tratando en ingles

Webb, estoy tratando de hacerlo. Webb I'm trying. I'm trying. Pero estoy tratando de hacerlo ahora.Every online review that recommends your business is a powerful form of marketing. Some online reviews may raise concerns or suggest improvements related to your business. After all, many of the customers who raise concerns in online reviews would still complain about your business to other people, even if they didn't post a review.

At least if the complaint is published where you can see it, you have the opportunity to address your customer's concern and respond publicly, if you feel this is necessary. Many customers also have good suggestions about better ways to do things, or new products that you could offer, so review sites can be a free source of great business ideas. Like many other forms of social media, online review sites give you the chance to develop a closer relationship with your customers.

You're likely to get to read reviews from a range of customers, many of whom might not otherwise tell you their opinions of your business. You can also reply to both positive and negative reviews, demonstrating that you're interested in what customers have to say.

Through your replies, customers can get to know you as an individual, not just 'business x'. In fact, some review sites (e. Yelp) require business owners to post a clear personal photograph before they are allowed to respond to reviews. Many customers enjoy knowing the person behind the business, and may become more loyal to you as a result.

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estoy tratando en ingles

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