Avène sunscreen for acne-prone skin

Making the most of your one hour daily walks? Us too. Before you make a break for the sunshine, remember you still need to slather your skin in SPF. While we know that we should be wearing a minimum of SPF 30 on our faces everyday that's according to the British Association of Dermatologistswhen you're dealing with an oily complexion, this can often take a back seat.

So, if persistent skin issues are a drama then you'll be needing a oil-free sunscreen that won't aggravate acne. Luckily a host of brands, from bargain to dermatologist level, have created whole host of hard-working formulations that promise protection, without the breakouts. Here's the WH edit of the best oil-free sunscreens for a range of needs.

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It's easy to picture sunscreen as something heavy to remember and lug around in your beach bag, but La Roche-Posay have made it easy with this pocket size edition.

If glossy skin isn't for you, then reach for this formula leaves behind a matte finish. Loved by dermatologists, its brimming with broad spectrum protection to defend your skin against UV rays. An SPF that stops acne in it's tracks? Your wish is our command because this clever SPF harnesses luconolactone which purifies skin texture as well as skincare hero niacinamide,which prevents bacteria from proliferating.

As well as giving your face the protection you need, this velvety formula lends a gentle glow to your complexion. Use under primer or make-up for your everyday look. If you live in a hustling city with basically no clean air, it's easy for your skin to feel clogged up. Instead of booking a facial regularly or trying a DIY face mask at home, try this preventative anti-pollution SPF by Clarins after your face cream and before your makeup.

If slathering on a sunscreen doesn't tick any boxes for you, this refreshing spray from iconic skincare brand Bioderma should have you covered. This is only SPF 25 and, for your face especially, you want to be looking at 30 minimum — whatever your skin tone. But this formula is great for slathering over your forearms and legs for UK days — just make sure you use a stronger product up top.

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If you prefer having a matte base, this Dermalogica oil-free option may be the one for you. Designed for combination to oily skin types, this helps prevent shine, regulate oil production and soothe inflammation without making you skin appear dull.

We have a winner. It's also designed for sensitive skin. For the only and-up-SPF-gang, this high protection Avene option will have you covered. Though it's made for the original purpose of protecting your skin, it's also a non-greasy and non-irritant lotion for those with blemish-prone skin. If your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation, in which certain patches of your skin become darker than others, then this dermatologist-strength formula is worth spending on.

As well as protecting you from fresh damage, it also works to soothe the effects of previous harm from the sun. Cut through the noise and g et practical, expert advice, home workouts, easy nutrition and more direct to your inbox. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

How to Level Up Your Plank. Best oil-free sunscreen for your face.According to researchregular sunscreen use slows down aging in both men and women. But things can get a little tricky when you have acne-prone skin.

avène sunscreen for acne-prone skin

You see, some of the sunscreens are comedogenic, meaning they can clog your pores. And using such formulas can do a number on your skin. Lucky for you, we scoured the web to find you the best non-comedogenic sunscreens available on the market.

avène sunscreen for acne-prone skin

These formulas are designed to provide broad-spectrum sun protection without clogging your pores and irritating your skin.

Buy on Amazon. When it comes to acne-prone skin, this is by far the best money can buy. It contains niacinamide that soothes irritation and cancels out redness. Hyaluronic acid boosts the hydration levels in your skin. Niacinamide and lactic acid also help in lightening dark spots, which is great for someone with melasma or hyperpigmentation.

Check out what Amazon shoppers have to say about this holy grail product. Too much oil can lead to clogged pores and eventually acne breakouts. Luckily, La Roche-Posay has developed a unique formula for people with oily and acne-prone skin.

Thanks to SPF 60, this sunscreen offers broad-spectrum sun protection without clogging your pores. In addition, it also absorbs pore-clogging oil and prevents acne breakouts. Your skin is gonna love this product. Just be sure to apply it every 2 hours for maximum protection. Looking for an affordable drugstore pick? The formula incorporates dry-touch technology to give you a matte, oil-free look. You can use it on both the face and body. And it absorbs really quickly without leaving a white cast.

Rosehip oil also contains nourishing fatty acids in abundance to keep your skin healthier overall. Shea moisture hydrates and calms your skin. The best part? This formula will also add a healthy glow to your skin. The formula is extremely lightweight, so it absorbs quickly into the skin. Another notable quality? This is another amazing sunscreen that comes loaded with SPF 50 to keep you safe while you enjoy outdoor activities. It boasts an impressive star rating of 4.I get irritated when I think of this product; it is so terrible.

I have given it a fair chance, even twice.

avène sunscreen for acne-prone skin

Now I regret it. This sunscreen was formulated for acne-prone skin. It is chemical only, alcohol-free, and it contains quite a bit of fragrance. The sunscreen itself is not dense in texture, but once applied it creates a visible white layer. It leaves a white cast that I can only compare to mineral sunscreens. You need to cover it up with some BB cream; otherwise, your face will look oddly pale.

11 Best Oil-free Sunscreens for Acne-prone Skin

My oils were going through about an hour after application. The worst part is that it breaks me out. I have tried the product twice for over a week each time. I gave a two-month break between each testing, and both times it was the same story. It left me with clogged pores and breakouts. I used the sunscreen during cold months, but I cannot imagine wearing it in summer. It is just too much for oily skin. You need to use a generous amount of sunscreen to get sun protection.

Unfortunately, this sunscreen is not for me. I cannot recommend it either; it leaves a horrible white cast and clogs pores. No, I am not triggered, it was just my experience with the sunscreen. If it works for you, my question is: how much of this sunscreen do you apply and reapply? At least a quarter of a teaspoon each time? The exactly same thing happened with me. I had a terrible breakout. What a regret. I completely understand how you feel.

It is frustrating when a sunscreen intended for oily and acne prone skin types causes breakouts. I knowit gives a white castbut its because of tinosorb m one of the best filters out there so unless I find something with a better formulationI prefer the white cast … reallythe filters that most of the laboratories use are not that good or even harmful.

I am still in the search for a good UVA sunscreena nice texture, acne free formula and affordable, its imposible! Finding the right sunscreen is a struggle, but there are a lot of great options available. If you like this sunscreen, then keep using it. It offers pretty good UVA protection and looks cosmetically elegant on the skin I have already reviewed it.

Painful rash all over my neck and face.Sunscreens are an absolute essential — not only do they protect your skin from the sun and tanning, it prevents photo-aging and prevents cancer. Despite its heroic properties, many people still prefer skipping the SPF, or worse just using a makeup product with SPF. The number one problem for this is the greasy texture that often results in breakouts.

While some mineral sunscreens clog your pores, other chemical sunscreens skin irritates the skin. Turns out, there may just be some light, effective sunscreens that do a thorough job of protecting your skin, without giving you any acne. Read on! Many dermatologists recommend this SPF for people with oily, acne-prone skin. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock comes with several features that make it one of the best sunscreen lotions for oily skin in India.

The manufacturing of the product uses helioplex technology that makes it a perfect sunblock for all the seasons. The tube may be tiny, but trust us when we say a little goes a long way. Besides the weightless formula is perfect to be layered under your makeup. Zinc gluconate, caffeine, niacinamide, biotin, and yeast extract are some of the ingredients that make up this blend. The formula works to get rid of excess oil and treat inflammation. It will provide you with a matte finish throughout the day.

Use it regularly to get the most out of it. Back to Top. Share fbshare twshare pinshare. It also hydrates the skin, neck, and hands without feeling sticky. It absorbs easily into skin, giving it a an even finish. The non-comedogenic formula ensures there aint no breakouts. Picture Courtesy: Google Images readmore.

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Mattifying Sunscreens For Acne-Prone Skin

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